Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. Stay Curious.

george“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

Steve Jobs, June 12, 2005, Stanford University, Commencement


From “Curious George Goes to the Hospital”, 1966, Margret Rey/H.A. Rey

At the risk of totally losing any and all credibility, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Steve Jobs and Curious George are two of the most influential and iconic figures that I credit for guiding me to where I am in life and career today.

There has been much written about the seventh and final book from the original Curious George series.  In particular, the appropriateness for children of the above scene has been called into question, citing the overtones of recreational drug use and the general aggrandizing of hallucinatory behavior as a result of said recreational drug use.  But c’mon folks…it’s Curious George!  IT’S A FREAKING CARTOON.  And it’s one of my favorites.  Should be near and dear to all anesthesia folks.

Steve Jobs had a particular gift for crystallizing thought in as few words as possible.  I had the privilege of meeting him in person a couple times, and at least with me, I would say that he was downright stingy with the absolute number of words he used.  “Think Different” seemed obvious enough despite its grammatical incorrectness, but “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” requires a bit more thoughtfulness and is probably the more applicable to the field of anesthesia as motivation.

“Stay Hungry” refers to the thirst for knowledge and bettering oneself.

“Stay Foolish” beckons one to keep an open mind and not discount the new and unknown.

…and I will add “Stay Curious” which I think combines the two admonitions from Steve Jobs and wraps it up with the wrinkle and charm of childlike delight and discovery.

Anyways, let this be your anesthesia inspiration for 2017.  Now go forth and ANESTHETIZE!

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