Another day, another anesthesia blog…


I know, I know…you’re already asking yourselves, “Does the world really need another blog dedicated to a profession that is purportedly 99% boredom and only 1% something more interesting than boredom?”  Obviously, we here at Having a Gas Passing Gas believe that the answer to that rhetorical question is an unequivocal “YES!”

If you are reading this, my hope is that you yourself are somehow already “dedicated” to the profession of anesthesia.  Maybe you’ve just gotten into an anesthesia training program, and you’re excited about what the future holds for you.  Or perhaps, you’ve hit a wall in the thick of residency and you’re wondering whether you made the right career choice.  Or maybe you’re like me, and a little bit of the shine has worn off over the years since you’ve been out in practice.  From the most eager to the more cynical, I hope you find a voice here.

Regardless of who you are, where you come from, or where you are headed in the field of anesthesia…we all find ourselves at some point behind the drape with plenty of time to reflect and think about the world around us and the role that we play in that world.  Collectively, this is a treasure trove of experiences and stories and an untapped well of knowledge and clinical pearls that would potentially never see the light of day individually.

So with Having a Gas Passing Gas our goal will be to add up our individual practices and form a sort of collective experience, because only then can we continue to cultivate the eagerness that we all have or once had for the practice of anesthesia and hold cynicism in check.  This is a journey for all of us, as your hosts; and I hope that you– our audience–can find a commonality and usefulness and maybe a few moments of levity in this shared experience.

Tell me what you think!

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